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Do you need interpreters for a meeting or event, or translation (or translation verification) of a document such as medical forms (ICFs, patient materials, clinical trials), patents, user manuals, contracts, academic documents, etc.?  No one does interpretation or translation better or more reasonably than Wexford.

Wexford Institute of Languages, L.L.C. does nothing but interpretation and translation.  Our translation services include medical forms (informed consent forms, patient materials, clinical trials, and so forth), patents, user manuals, contracts, etc.  We relate to our clients, attend to their needs, and help our clients achieve what they want, all the while meeting the standards of accuracy and quality in providing crisp, correct translations and translation verifications at a fair price.

No one provides better, faster and more accurate translations and interpreters at a fairer price than Wexford Institute of Languages, L.L.C.™  Compare our prices and services to those of other fine companies:  Lexcode Inc.,™ Businesscorp,™ Orange Translations Inc.,™ Elite Translations Philippines,™ ACFL Foreign Languages,™ Berlitz Philippines,™ LearningLitz Inc.,™ and S.A.V.E. International Languages™


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