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The Director of Wexford is a native of the Philippines who received her bachelor of science degree in language instruction from the Philippines.  For ten years, she worked for SAVE International, at that time the largest translation service in the Philippines.  Leaving the company after serving the last six of her ten years as its Chief Administrative Officer, having gained years of experience in the field of language teaching, interpretation and translation, she moved to the United States.  She has since received an American education in nursing and is presently a Registered Nurse in the State of Louisiana. 

The people behind Wexford are carving a niche in the field of professional interpretation and translation.

Wexford's workforce consists of dedicated, reliable, responsible individuals, most of whom are known by the director from her contacts while working in the Philippines..  Wexford adheres to the strict standards of the company and the goal of meeting the needs and requirements of the client.  At Wexford, our people work around the clock if needed, with no qualms about working late or turning nights into days to keep a promised deadline or commitment.

Every transaction is treated with genuine concern and best effort.

Wexford utilizes the services of people who have mastery in the languages involved in interpretation and translation - scholars, professionals and native speakers whose loyalty has been tried and tested.

Wexford grows by diligently adhering to the standard of delivering excellent, accurate, quality service.

Wexford Institute of Languages, L.L.C. is a Louisiana limited liability company doing business from the United States using extensive Philippine resources.


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